Michael Hamdi, CEO

has spent his entire career in the petroleum industry, selling fuel, additives and lubricants, dispatching fuel, operating c-stores, and pumping gas. In every role, Michael is devoted to serving and benefiting his clients. Michael enjoys building long-standing relationships with his clients and will work untiringly until the job is complete.

Omar Hamdi, Corporate Secretary

a driving force behind Synergy Petroleum, the go to in overseeing all operations as the right hand man to the CEO. Omar devotes himself to being a leader both in our community and driving positive change corporate wide. His reputation of excellence is what represents Synergy Petroleum.

Moe Hamdi, COO

has many years of experience in both wholesale and retail and has operated both independent and branded businesses. He understands the challenges that independent business owners face, especially in the fuel industry. Moe is devoted to building long-standing relationships and to serving his clients.

Ibrahim Hamdi, CFO

has many years of experience in the petroleum industry. He has been in wholesale fuel industry for over a two decades now. Ibrahim believes in integrity and honesty and is dedicated to diligently serving his clients.

Charlie Msallam, General Manager of Retail Operation

is in charge of all wholesale marketing undertakings and product supply. He has many years of experience in the petroleum products industry. Charlie is passionate about serving our clients and imparts those client service values on his sales team.

Hussein Hamdi, Director Sales Auditor

is in charge of all tracking and benchmarks.

Ahmad Alazab, Facility Operations Manager

is in charge of all facility operations of the enterprise.

Moe Frahat, Regional Manager

Determines the operational practices of all stores in the area, making sure each runs smoothly, cleanly, complies with marketing and sales campaigns and meets budget and sales goals.
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