Syndergy Petroleum is on the hunt for smart and self-motivated individuals to be part of our crew. We already have many locations in San Francisco and we continue to grow and expand our team of Corporate positions, Gas Station Store Management, and part-time Associates, Syndergy Petroleum offers advancement opportunities, growth, and great benefits, to all members of our crew.

Why go into business with us?

Working at Syndergy Petroleum is more than just a job. We succeed at creating an all-inclusive and diversified environment where everybody can work and be themselves. We make sure that everyone feels valued for what they bring to the team.

We believe it’s our duty to nurture our associates’ abilities and skills to help them reach their full potential. Syndergy Petroleum provides our team members with many opportunities to learn and grow, such as:

  • Informal and formal learning programs
  • In-house job openings
  • Mentorship programs

At Syndergy Petroleum, we want our team members to be healthy and happy. Our benefits reflect our commitment to our team members, are intended to fit your lifestyle, and help you build and plan for a better tomorrow.

Here are some of the benefits offered to qualified Syndergy Petroleum team members:

  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Plan
  • 401(k) Plan
  • Disability Coverage
  • PTO (Paid Time Off)
  • Critical Illness and Accident/Injury Benefits

Career development

Syndergy Petroleum is a lifetime learning experience. You can start as a store associate and later manage a gas station. You'll learn about our values, culture and history. In a nutshell, when you go into business with us, you get an opportunity to enhance your career at Syndergy Petroleum.

Syndergy petroleum values

We strive to offer quality fuel at a reasonable price with great customer service.

Give back to the community

We are devoted to giving back to our community through promoting employee volunteerism, sponsorship, local authorities, and local events. Generally, we pride ourselves in being a good corporate citizen and a good neighbor.

Smart purchasing

The cost of fuel is constantly fluctuating. Consequently, it’s challenging for businesses and consumers to find the best purchasing opportunities. At Syndergy Petroleum, we continuously keep an eye on market trends to single out the best buying opportunities and to deliver the best rates to you.

Value our clients

Syndergy Petroleum team members are our best resource and our competitive edge. We offer a flexible work environment that encourages a balanced lifestyle.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to make sure a consistent customer experience that delivers first rate quality, reliable services and products at a competitive price. We pay attention to our customers and are part of their everyday lives.

Reliability and service

We’ve been an active part of our community since our founding, so we pride ourselves on our service to our clients. While many in the oil industry might disagree, we believe that reliability and customer service are as important today as they were ninety years ago.

Unquenchable Thirst for Winning

We flourish on competition. It unleashes great performance and creativity. We mix fun and hard work. We understand that for us there is no finish line but we have the willpower to accomplish any goal. This determination inspires confidence and reinforces pride, self-esteem and commitment.

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