Why go Into Business with Us?

First-rate Customer Service

Synergy Petroleum runs unbranded and branded wholesale businesses in San Francisco; we also oversee retail businesses through our own network of convenience stores and gas stations. Synergy Petroleum is your one-stop shop.

Speedy Response

Synergy Petroleum is available round-the-clock. Our in-house technical teams and Sales Representatives are always on hand to respond to all of your burning questions. Synergy Petroleum provides around the clock deliveries and devoted in-house dispatchers.


Synergy Petroleum was established in the San Francisco and is locally run and operated. Synergy Petroleum is in charge of a fuel distribution network in California and runs gas stations.


Our goal is to guarantee an unfailing customer experience that offers unmatched quality, trustworthy services, and products at a competitive rate. We strive for excellent customer service. We always pay attention to our clients and are part of their everyday lives.

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