Michael Hamdi, CEO

Michael is president and chief executive officer of Synergy Petroleum, the parent company of the Central Gas Brand, one of Northern California’s popular gas station private brands. Synergy Petroleum is also the parent company of Synergy Lube, a company designated to the distribution and wholesale of Mobil brands of motor oils and lube.

Michael has more than twenty years of experience in the oil and gas business, He has owned and operated many gas station in the state of California, and still does. He has a vision of expanding the brand to become one of the most successful and profitable brands in a very competitive market. He is very dynamic and spends his work days between the office management and site visits on daily basis.

Omar Hamdi, General Secretary

Omar serves as the general secretary of the Synergy Group, He oversees the entire operation from a growth perspective. His work duties include closing new site deals and assuring a forecasted potential in business. Negotiating deals and hunting potential sites in his expertise. He is an engineer in the making finishing his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University.

Mohammad Hamdi, COO

Mohammad - Moe- is the go to man when it comes to anything related to any aspect of operation, He is the mastermind behind all new sites set up and turnaround. He has a very successful record of transforming poorly performing sites into very successful enterprises. Similar to his father, Michael, Moe is an extremely diligent hard worker who pays attention to the greatest details of any deal or site, His continuous support to all sites and employees proved essential to the entire operation running smoothly and successfully.

Ibrahim Hamdi, CFO

Ibrahim’s role is extremely essential and vital to the company. He is the chief financial officer who oversees all the company’s budgeting and spending. He pays very close attention to all the ins and outs of the financial operating income of the company, and makes sure that the budget meets our annual needs.

He is also an avid financial entrepreneur since he owns and operates his own startup company, TransAmerica Financial Group, which specializes in credit card transactions and processing fees.

Charlie Msallam, Regional Manager

Charlie is in charge of all the day to day activities and ordering that takes place in all of our bay area sites. He also oversees the performance of the equipment and safety procedures at the sites. Charlie plays a very important role as a manger assuring the stores are always supplied which the hottest and best selling as well as all the essential products needed.

Hussein Hamdi, Training & Career Development Manager

Hussein Is the chief trainer and director of career development. He oversees the training of new employees and the promotions in the company. He assures that all new employees are set and ready for their prospective roles as representatives of the corporation. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to career progression and he is the main key contact between all employees and the directors of the company. Hussein also spends numerous hours travelling between sites to make sure the customer service is being delivered at a top rate of professionalism.

Ahmad Alazab, Facility Operations Manager

is in charge of all facility operations of the enterprise.

Moe Frahat, Regional Manager

Determines the operational practices of all stores in the area, making sure each runs smoothly, cleanly, complies with marketing and sales campaigns and meets budget and sales goals.

Sara Jarrett, Regional Manager

Sara is in charge of all the day to day activities and ordering that takes place in all of our Central Valley area sites. Whether it’s Stockton, Modesto, or Oakdale, Sara is always there to get the job done. She has a very tireless work ethic and is very selfless when comes to her work.

Krishna Gajjala, Wholesale and Branding Manager

Krishna has an extremely successful record and a very broad contact network in the gas and oil real estate market. He specializes in hunting new sites to add to the company, He also utilizes his broad network to add potential sites to the company’s portfolio.

Abed Ajarmeh, Office Manager

Abed is the main office manager for Synergy Enterprises. He works closely with the office of the CEO, CFO, and COO. He is in charge of most of the back office operations such as permitting, compliance, and any other special projects that are in their early stages. His job natures requires a lot of dynamic attributes and problem solving skills and he enjoys the challenge and the reward of seeing a project process from start to completion.

Omar Qaran, Accountant and Auditor

Omar is in charge of all the company’s accounting, payables and receivables. He is also in charge of all the auditing and book keeping for all the sites. He is known for having a very good eye for allocating the company’s assets and funds. Omar is also the main contact for any taxation purposes, he specializes in corporate taxation, profits and losses.

Joseph Zghoul, Marketing

Ahmed Azab, Area Manager

Ahmad is the area manager for the County and City of San Francisco, He oversees the operation of our San Francisco Exxon Mobil Location and a few other stores in the area. Ahmad has been with the company since it’s incorporation and has grown into a leadership position after a proven record of excellent management and growth.

Mohammad Freihat, Area Manager

Mohammad is the area manager of the counties of San Mateo and Santa Clara, He oversees the operation of our San Mateo, Daly City, and San Jose. He is a very responsive individual and has a very friendly demeanor which makes him a perfect fit for managing and overseeing employees in such a busy area.

Joseph Wasfi, Area Manager

Mohammad is the area manager of the counties of Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Madera. Joseph has been working with the family since before the expansion phase and has taken many roles in training and management. He is such a kind and responsible manager that always pays attention to the work and employee needs which makes him very well liked in the company.
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